A social networking site for college completion, MentorMatch is a resource platform, an outlet, and a tool that offers students (Revolutionaries) a safe space to connect with professional adults who hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Revolutionaries use it as their primary Alumni Revolution resource—they access study tools, browse internships, and join forums. Professional adults use it because they want to impart knowledge, present information, and offer guidance.

Mentors join MentorMatch because 
they want to share their expertise 
with college students without having 
to commit to a one-on-one 
mentoring relationship.


Platinum Mentors want an individualized 
mentoring relationship. They are sophisticatedly
matched with Platinum Revolutionaries who
share common interests, hobbies,
and aspirations.


Participate in at least one mentor training event

Are matched
one-on-one with a 
Platinum Revolutionary

Dedicate at least
2-4 hours per month

Agree to at least a
one-year commitment

Whichever MentorMatch experience you choose, your participation reminds Revolutionaries that they shape other people’s lives. 
It shows them how this revolution will happen.