To change the odds for low-income, first-generation college students, we must amplify college completion efforts.

helps our Revolutionaries be successful
scholars and citizens. 


Why It Matters

College students with mentors tend to do better in school.

Mentored minority college students
are twice as likely to persist.


After a year, students with faculty
mentors have higher GPAs. 

Imagine if low-income, first-generation students were tapped into a dynamic mentoring network aimed specifically at college completion.

A social networking site for college completion, MentorMatch is a resource platform, an outlet, and a tool that offers students (Revolutionaries) a safe space to connect with professional adults who hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Revolutionaries use it as their primary Alumni Revolution resource—they access study tools, browse internships, and join forums. Professional adults use it because they want to impart knowledge, present information, and offer guidance.

Mentors join MentorMatch because 
they want to share their expertise 
with college students without having 
to commit to a one-on-one 
mentoring relationship.


Platinum Mentors want an individualized 
mentoring relationship. They are sophisticatedly
matched with Platinum Revolutionaries who
share common interests, hobbies,
and aspirations.


Participate in at least one mentor training event

Are matched
one-on-one with a 
Platinum Revolutionary

Dedicate at least
2-4 hours per month

Agree to at least a
one-year commitment

Whichever MentorMatch experience you choose, your participation reminds Revolutionaries that they shape other people’s lives. 
It shows them how this revolution will happen.

Like most networking sites, you’ll create a username, password, and PROFILE.  Your profile plugs you into the network and you’ll be able to see who you match up with. You can send and receive messages while navigating the wider MM community. You can join GROUPS, share RESOURCES, receive CALENDAR updates, and participate in FORUMS. 

If you’ve got experience with networking sites, you’ll acclimate to MM in a snap.  If not, you can always join a forum to address your difficulties or contact us with questions or concerns.  

So. Do you



a bachelor’s degree


to help mentor
college students


Can you


insight and


high and
attainable goals


to effect and 
leverage change


scholarly behavior
and civic skills


Our Revolutionaries
want mentors like you.

Because what you know, matters.

Make it matter.  Be a mentor.

The mission of Alumni Revolution is to equip scholars for success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship.