Campus Chapters

AR Chapters are formally established, student-run organizations.
Members attend meetings, hold events, and participate in advocacy activities in order to promote college completion, networking, and engaged citizenship.


College Completion



The chapters are held together by joiners whose pay-it-forward philosophy 
is the cornerstone of Alumni Revolution.

Anyone can start an AR Campus Chapter.

How to Start a Chapter

AR Campus Chapter Organizers


new and organize
all members.


issues that affect college completion, networking, and engaged citizenship.


problems and pay-it-forward.

Campus Chapters are good for AR and good for students.  They enable AR to grow exponentially, as organizers disseminate word to their peers about the revolution happening on their campus.  They also enable exponential growth in students, as chapters provide space for them to:




Want more information on how to find a campus chapter
or want to start your own?  Shoot us an email.  

We're here to help.


The mission of Alumni Revolution is to equip scholars for success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship.