Alumni Revolution’s mission is to equip scholars for success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship.

Why We’re Here

If you earned a bachelor’s degree, you’re earning nearly double the salary as someone with only a high school diploma

If you come from a low-income family, you’ve 
got a 9% chance of earning a bachelor’s degree

Alumni Revolution aims to change the odds.  
Higher Education should be a fundamental right, not a rare privilege.

In 2006 Seth Andrew founded Democracy Prep Public Schools in Central Harlem.  DP scholars proved that all students can perform at extremely high levels, and in the fall of 2013 the first graduating class started their revolution:  all 36 DP graduates currently attend four-year colleges and have formed the inaugural membership of the college success organization, Alumni Revolution.  Their authentic voices will find others and together, they will fuel this revolution.

What We Do

We provide tools and opportunities for individual Revolutionaries to thrive academically, financially, and socially.  Through our campus chapters, our partnerships, and MentorMatch, Revolutionaries become advocates carving out spaces where they and where others can thrive.

Who We Support

Alumni Revolution is proud to say that we support all college students with an emphasis on those who are first-generation and low-income. AR also supports the mentors who share our goals and who work with our Revolutionaries to change the odds.


How We’re Different
From Other College 
Success Organizations

We support all college students— no application is required.

Our Revolutionaries support AR’s growth through building their own campus chapters.

We support our Revolutionaries’ growth through MentorMatch, a safe and enriching space where Revolutionaries are sophisticatedly matched with with mentors who hold at least a bachelor’s degree.


We explicitly promote advocacy and civic engagement, giving Revolutionaries opportunities to fight for themselves and for others.


We offer an authentic voice, as our team members are primarily first-generation college graduates who have lived the struggle of attaining higher education.

Our data-collection is rich, enabling individualized coaching, programming, 
and analysis.

Who We Are


Seth Andrew


Founder Seth Andrew is the Superintendent in Residence and Senior Advisor to US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in the Office of Education Technology. Before joining the Department, Seth founded Democracy Prep Public Schools (DPPS), where he "graduated" with his first group of citizen-scholars in June 2013.  Since then, he's focused on civic education, parent advocacy, and college persistence for low-income families. Seth attended NYC public schools from K-12, earned his B.A. from Brown University and his Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 


Lawrence Smith  

Financial Coach

Financial Coach Lawrence Smith was an inaugural recipient of the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship and the first GMS Alumnus to join the Gates staff, serving as Outreach Coordinator for the Alumni Relations Team engaging over 9,300 Scholars.

He can be reached at



Stephanie Fiorelli  

Academic Coach

Academic Coach Stephanie Fiorelli has worked in higher education for twelve years. She taught college writing and literature and served as writing specialist and academic advisor for the TRiO Student Support Service Program.

She can be reached at


Amier Carmel

Social Counselor

Social Counselor Amier Carmel, LCMSW was a founding-year staff member of Democracy Prep Charter School. For the last seven years he has been working as a senior clinician at DPPS and is a Doctoral Candidate at the Boston Graduate School for Psychoanalysis.

He can be reached at


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The mission of Alumni Revolution is to equip scholars for success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship.